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And in a time of great fear and some rain the beardy Prophet came down the mountains and spoke upon his children:

The Microsoft corporation sometimes is misunderstood as an IT company. They advertise for Operating Systems and Office Software along other things mainly used on servers. But truth is they have shipped mindboggeling comlicated software which have connectors to your brains endorphinic productions. At the very same second you use a Microsoft product you start to smile all over your face, your pupils are getting wide in a fraction of a millisecond. It has accessed your brain, it nuzzles in your thoughts, pinches your cortex, makes you feel very very fuzzy and warm. All fake. This is the beginning of a worldwide start of Microsoft to telecommand all users to just smile and buy another microsoft product. This brainwashthing is strongly supported by the wearing of a tie.

The only purpose of Microsoft is the obtainment of world domination.

Say prayers to his noodelyness to prevent this scenario, the end of all times.

Said so, turned around and went away. Ramen.

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