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Fries.png Quasi-Featured Image
This image was nominated to become a featured image; however, due to a general lack of a sense of humor (or a stupid nomination), this image never hit the big time.

Decent articles that were nominated to become a Featured Article but didn't quite make it. These articles can range anywhere from an almost FA-level of humor to just plain crappy articles that could make a grue cry (if you see any articles like that, just remove the QFH template, please). This is just a sort of honorary mention. Enjoy. Or don't. It's up to you.

Oh, and there are pictures too. Same thing as above.

Current QFH cleanup began on June 17, 2006. To help, read through some of the articles and take out the QFH template if it is grossy unfunny. Currently, all articles through the letter C have been checked. Future additions will, hopefully, be added only with a positive score in VFH and will require little maintinence.

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