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Invented by Judas (circa biblical times), and originally called the "Camel", the Television got its name after Judas Industries was forced to change it when it surfaced that the Egyptian god, Johnny Cash, had a patent over the name for household appliances. Surviving televisions can be found from the first century, often mistaken as the Special Forces in a country's national military. The televisions of the time were capable of displaying pictures broadcasted by a satellite network of Tibetan monks who transcribed the data onto grains of rice, at high speeds.

As technology has increased, many people now have televisions in their household. Often consulted in times of need, these "magical boxes" are capable of dancing the tango and displaying events that happened on another world. The only downside to the Television, or "doughnuts" as the Swiss call them, is the vast amount of radiation and crocodiles generated during broadcasting. Many babies have reportedly died due to excess radiation (and crocodiles), although these reports are generally made by Canadians, who are naturally curious as to what a television actually is, as Canada is in fact a made up place, with no televisions.

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