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Welcome to the Uncyclomedia Commons community portal


Are you new to Uncyclomedia Commons? Welcome! Check out what we're all about (and what we are not), or just start searching for images or other media files. You can find collections of similar files grouped by topic or by almost any other characteristic you can think of. You can even start contributing to the project in important ways, regardless of your abilities or interests, and no matter where you live or what language you speak. All information about UnCommons itself is available in English, and most of it is available in other languages.

Help desk
For questions about how to use UnCommons.
Village Dump
Ask questions about features, problems you may have, or policy. Similar pages are available in several other languages.
Centralized discussion
List of ongoing discussions on policies, guidelines or other matters that have a wide impact.
Graphic Lab
A place where you can request uncyclographists to improve, clean up, or color your images. We also have a place for videos and sounds.
Photography critiques
A place where you can get feedback on your photography.
Administrators' noticeboard
If you need to communicate with an administrator, for example regarding blocks and protections.
IRC channels
#uncyclopedia webchat Uncyclopedia IRC channel.
Recommendations and tutorials
Help index
All help, project, maintenance, discussion, policy pages and further tutorials about how to work in wikis like Uncyclomedia Commons are listed there. For an overview over the structure of the Uncyclomedia Commons project itself see Category:UnCommons.
Recommended software for each media type in order to create and edit the content you want to share at Uncyclomedia Commons.
How to use Uncyclomedia Commons' content
Overview on how to embed Uncyclomedia Commons content into various Uncyclomedia wikis and how to reuse UnCommons' content by third parties. See also the media help for software and hints how to watch images and films and listen to audio files provided by Uncyclomedia Commons. See Featured pictures, Valued images, Picture of the day and Media of the day for particularly valuable content you can reuse.
Policies and decisions
Uncyclomedia Commons project scope
The project definition and its derived detailed policy pages on licensing, allowed copyright tags and file types give you important information what we are and what not.
Deletion policy
The deletion policy is closely related to the Uncyclomedia Commons project scope. It defines when and how to delete content that does not belong on Uncyclomedia Commons for various reasons.
Uncyclomedia Commons is multilingual. Use Babel in order to find contributors who speak your language. Please add information about the languages you understand to your user page. The language policy is discussed at UnCommons talk:Language policy.
User's graphics abilities
Categorizes users by graphic and audio knowledge, abilities or interest on UnCommons, in order to ease finding help in any area of media expertise.
Content organization
Creation and upload
Picture requests, free media resources for uploads to the Uncyclomedia Commons.
High quality content
Copyright issues
Uncyclomedia Commons sub-projects
UnCommons:Geocoding for adding geographic location information to media, UnCommons:Stroke Order Project and more UncycloProjects.
Uncyclomedia Commons templates

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