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The prize for the highest quality image manipulation is a bottle of Heinz Special Ketchup.

Post images/concepts/ideas for images here before placing them on VFP or if you just want some advice on how to make them better.

Use {{reef|filename.ext|width in pixels|image name|caption|artist's username}}. Make sure you sign your comments with ~~~~.

  • Since some of the images on VFP are becoming of such low quality, it is proposed that this page be the equivalent of Pee Review for pictures.
  • If you think an image is good enough for VFP but needs some improvements or you simply want some advice on images, post them here and anyone who can be bothered will add some comments for improvement etc.
  • In general, follow VFP Guidelines before posting here. However we are not that bothered: one of the purposes of this page is to advise on suitability for VFP.
  • Please read HowTo:Get Your Image Featured before nominating your own image.
  • Also it would help if you suggest whether you plan to ultimately place the image on VFP.

Pro Tips[edit]

A simple procedure for producing professional quality composite images;-

  • Goodsearch...image...search
  • Get the GIMP. Like MSPaint, it's free. Unlike MSPaint, it doesn't suck.
  • Get a graphics tablet. 6"x9" tablets go for $100 and up. You wouldn't write a novel with a mouse, why would you draw a picture with one? A hundred bucks will save you hours of fighting poor ergonomics (mouse bad, pen good). Your wrist and fingers will thank you.
  • Use the highest-res source images that you can find. A 1000x1000 image eats RAM, but the end result will be superior to the same 'chop with 200x200 pixel source images.
  • Increase the size of your picture to 400% while working on it (if high-res source images aren't available).
  • Save often. Or, to put it another way, save often.
  • Always paste into an empty layer so you can tint and fade that layer to match the original.
  • Lowering the contrast can help blend the two layers.
  • Use an eraser set to low opacity to fade out the hard edges of anything you paste (dont over do it).
  • When you're happy with how it looks, collapse the layers, and add your new pic as a new layer over the original one, then use an eraser (set to low opacity) to rub out the top layer to reveal your modifications (This helps to blend the two pics).
  • Simple colors modifications can be done this way too (B&W etc).
  • When you're happy with how it looks, collapse the layers for the "final" version (be sure to save both a one layer image, for uploading to Uncyc, and a layered image, so that you don't have to start all over if you need to tweak it).
  • Use a despeckle/salt and pepper filter to pick out any hot pixels.
  • Sometimes a very small amount of blur works well at this point.
  • Reduce your pic to 400-600px (large enough, but not stupidly big). Don't save as GIF unless you really have to. GIFs sucks. JPG is better, but can suffer from bleeding/pixelation on high contrast areas. PNG is best. This is why no one ever uses that format.

Graduates from Reefer University[edit]

Reefer Desk Graduates are now archived here.

Current Images/Ideas for review[edit]

  • New entries on top. Add --~~~~ after your comment, please. Cheers.