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Flag of Brazil.svg This user is BRAZILIAN!

And he doesn't know how to sing his anthems.

If it weren't for us, Portugal would be a historically insignificant country.

I am UltraJohnny.

I am the supreme super hero.

I am sysop of Desciclopédia.

I WAS sysop of UnMeta.

But now I am... UltraJohnny...

スパマーに警告!(Aviso aos SPAMMERs!)

私はそれを一つずつ禁止します! あなたは日本の売春婦の写真を投稿していますか、私は慈悲や同情なしであなたを追い払いますか ! (Eu vou banir um por um! É você postando foto de puta japonesa e eu banindo você sem dó nem piedade!)